Ken Braiman is a Certified Dental Technician who, for over 40 years, developed techniques, lectured, and trained in implant technology for groundbreaking and complicated cases. As the principal and owner of Progressive Dental Reconstruction, a well-known laboratory, which opened in 1976, he specialized in Aesthetics and Implants.

After a brief hiatus, and a lot of encouragement from the community, Ken was excited to begin again leveraging Dental artistry with CAD-CAM technology. He's eliminated as many variables as possible in the process and is thrilled to open Dynamic Dental Solutions.

In our new Laboratory we have created a lecture room to educate --and be educated by-- groups of Surgeons, Periodontists and Dentists sharing the newest and greatest technologies available. Here we collaborate, design protocols, and simplify very complex treatment plans to leverage the best materials and techniques available.

Starting with a clean slate, we're combining the greatest technical talent, the finest equipment and materials, and excellent training. Come and see why we are so excited!